Latest Work

Latest Work

I’m looking to increase the output of both my photographic and creative art pieces, and here you will find examples of my most recent work from the last month or so. The gallery of images will, I hope, tell the story of the progression of my art, its challenges, its evolution, and, perhaps also, its successes.

You will likely find that most images illustrate my current area of interest, so I invite you to revisit soon as this will be the page for my research and development!

Please let me know which pieces are working and those that, perhaps, aren’t!

You can view my Latest Work in the gallery below. Clicking on an image will enable you to see an enlarged version.

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woman in the city
image of a Victorian woman
Hi, I'm so glad that you like my photos. Please contact me first before using them. I am happy to licence them for no charge for voluntary sector groups and for a fee for commercial use. Contact information can be found here: