Clean Simple Art – Constructing the Website: The Journey Begins

Clean, simple art - We're Open shop sign

Welcome to Serenity

I’ve designed this new website to showcase the photography and clean, simple art ideas I’m producing under the name of Serenity Creative Digital Art.

Building a new website to display my photography and creative art is quite an adventure. I’ve spent a week or two planning the layout and loading some initial media; now it is time to live test. That’s the best way for me to spot issues and request that visitors let me know stat if I’ve missed anything. You have the invitation to let me know if anything is amiss or broken!

‘STAT’, what does that word mean?

That’s a good question and one I’ve never really thought about. An opportunity then to find the answer and put it here (and also to test the faq function of the new site). A medical term, stat, is used as a directive to medical personnel during an emergency. It derives from the Latin statim, meaning “instantly” or “immediately.”

No, there will not be any images of medical procedures here; they’re neither clean, simple or art, but at least we know what stat means.

So, here we are; welcome, come in and explore. I hope you like the site; if you do, bookmark it and be sure to come by again.


I swept the corners, aired the linens and moved some code and pixels around. I hope you like it.


Whether you’re browsing or looking to learn more about my photography and creative digital art, I take my job as your guide seriously.


In conclusion, I’m not finished yet! Keep an eye out for more improvements soon and in the coming months.

Where should you start to view my clean, simple art?

You’ve probably been there already, but I suggest visiting the Home page first for a general feel of the site layout, followed by a trip to the About page for more about me and what I do. After that, look at my Photo galleries, which you can get to by using the links on the Home page or from the Photos drop-down menu at the top of the page. For news, updates and additional information, head to the Journal page to read my posts and with map and compass

I’m linking this site to some of my social media platforms. You’ll find updates initially on Instagram & Facebook, with more platforms being added soon.

Well, that’s probably enough for this first post. I’m promising clean, simple, and some art, too – I look forward to delivering. Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you will visit again soon.

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