‘Botanical’ sounds a bit technical, doesn’t it? It’s an adjective which means ‘of or relating to plants or botany’. I could say ‘Flower Photography’, but I’m out to impress, right?

I have a passion for photographing plants and flowers, especially in macro, and preferably with a soft or dreamy background. It’s a technique I enjoy and hope enables me to capture the beauty of Mother Nature in all her guises.

You can view my Botanical work in the gallery below. Clicking on an image will enable you to see an enlarged version.

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Bright red petals

Purple petals

Red, Yellow, Green, and a touch of water droplets too
Hi, I'm so glad that you like my photos. Please contact me first before using them. I am happy to licence them for no charge for voluntary sector groups and for a fee for commercial use. Contact information can be found here: