About Serenity and my digital art

Jakki digital artist and owner of Serenity

What is digital art? Journey with me on these pages as, together, we explore and find the answer.

A self-taught photographer, wannabe novelist & writer, and concept digital artist raised in the big city and currently creating within rural Cumbria, in England’s north-west. My art is grounded on an infinite love of nature, an ever-going pursuit of simplicity, and an insatiable hunger to improve my work.

Life has been a rocky road, and it was only four years or so ago that I became passionate about photography.

I shot with my trusty Canon for a while, but commitments meant it had to take a back seat. I’ve now decided to pick up my camera once more, not just for pleasure but also as a coping mechanism for dealing with the effects of a lifetime of crippling anxiety. 

Photographs I take are distinguished by energising landscapes and botanicals, capturing those moments of bliss which nature chooses to share with me.

Like many photographers, I wanted to shoot everything when I started. Time passed, and I realised my real love lay in naturescapes, flowers (or Botanicals, as I call the genre) and digital art compositing.

This website, launched in the latter part of 2023, is an opportunity to showcase my work.

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”
[Laura Ingalls Wilder]

Art enables my self-expression, but more importantly, it becomes a medium for sharing with those wishing to spend a minute or two (or longer if you want to) looking at the images and other works displayed here.

I am always excited to receive feedback and answer any questions, so please feel free to send me a message using the form on the Contact page.

In my free time, I spend long hours walking the shorelines, woodland glades and fells of The Lakes, breathing in the fresh English air while interrogating flora and fauna, poking strange mushrooms with sticks, and collecting rocks. I love the peace and tranquillity of a pre-dawn morning, waiting for the sun to rise above the horizon, and the feeling of accomplishment after a two-hour hike to get the perfect composition. Serenity, pure and simple – for me, there’s nothing like it.  

Hi, I'm so glad that you like my photos. Please contact me first before using them. I am happy to licence them for no charge for voluntary sector groups and for a fee for commercial use. Contact information can be found here: https://creativedigitalart.uk/contact/